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Music and design are ever present in Josh’s work. 


Born into an artistic family, it’s been a life of art, music, design and creation. Raised in Cape Cod to an artist mother, and a real-estate/developer father, Josh started working in the creative realm at an early age. Studying blue prints, coming up with new ideas, and experimenting with different art mediums, it wasn’t until he was 20 that it all began to solidify in a serious way. 


Josh moved to New York city, and found himself in the middle of the high fashion industry, working for major companies like Giorgio Armani, Emporio, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, D&G, Gianfranco Ferre, Esprit, Kenneth Cole, Gap, Banana Republic, J Crew, as well as other smaller brands; and magazines like GQ, Esquire, L'uomo Vogue, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Out, Playboy, and Adon. For the next 20 years he traveled through the industry seeing some of the most beautiful locations, and homes in the world, which prompted his first real-estate design project purchase in 2008. 


In 2010 Josh’s creative appeared in the NY Times. An article featured his Greenpoint townhouse, which sold one week after being on the market for a record-breaking price that changed the pricing landscape of the area. He then designed two homes in Cape Cod, another town house in Williamsburg, and is currently working on designing a large 3 bedroom in Nomad NYC; as well as a ground up modern build on the water in East Falmouth Ma. Each project is loaded with art.

Josh released his first of 5 albums in 2007 after teaching him self to play a number of instruments, sing, write, and produce. The first two were albums were for other musicians, Mama’s Boy Goes Digital, and The Beach Project, both were produced, and written by Josh, and came out of his music studio in Willamsburg, NY under the indie label, The Pigeon Party. He briefly made jingles for companies like, Kenneth Cole, the Children’s Place, Macy’s, and Ann Taylor, then quit jingles to finish his first three solo Albums under the band name, Dream Louise. The three Dream Louise albums were written, produced, and performed by Josh, and the final, completely Josh, tip to tail. He made all of the album covers, concepted, directed, and produced the music videos, and even art directed an editorial featuring himself for the magazine Adon. 


Always making art and collaborating on many creative projects over a handful of mediums Josh finally had an opportunity this year to do his first solo art exposition at the New Stand, a new art forward space on the Bowery in NY in what was once the old Patricia Fields. The 3,500 sq’ space hosted 25 of Josh’s large fine art wall pieces as well are three sculptural pieces, and a video installation with a custom audio experience. The exposition seemed to wrap up josh’s 20 years in NY, fashion, music, and design, while making commentary on the state of the world, and submerging itself in music it’s self. Career highlights include:



  • Giorgio Armani

  • Emporio Armani

  • Armani Collezioni

  • Emporio Armani

  • Salvatore Ferragamo

  • Versace

  • Dolce & Gabbana

  • D&G

  • Gianfranco Ferre

  • Esprit, Kenneth Cole

  • Gap

  • Banana Republic

  • J. Crew


  • GQ

  • Esquire

  • Details

  • Maxim

  • Vogue

  • L’uomo Vogue

  • Vanity Fair

  • Forbes

  • Out

  • Playboy

  • Adon

References, here.



  • 26 Gerloff Rd. Falmouth, MA

  • 41 Old Dock Rd. Falmouth, MA

  • 222 Richardson St. Brooklyn, NY 

  • 148 W28th St. NY, NY


References, here.



Original Advertising Tracks ("jingles")

  • Kenneth Cole

  • The Children’s Place

  • Macy’s

  • Ann Taylor

Original Productions

Solo Project: Dream Louise

  • Dream Louise (self titled)

  • Syth-Etic

  • Gold (cover)

  • Epiph-O-Matic

References, here.

music videos  


Solo art exhibition (New Stand, 298 Elizabeth St, NY NY 10010)

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