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J & D at

Honey Land

J and D at HoNEY LAnd
J and D at Honey Land.jpg

Song 6

Song 9


J & D at Honey Land was one of Josh’s musical side projects and was recorded in the Topanga hills. It was the winter of 2016 when he partnered up with Derek Mabra to create the project in Derek’s new Honey Land studio. The session lasted for two weeks and is an interesting and exciting mix of their styles. Both electronic and rock and roll, the sound seems to push to the boundaries of the genres. Josh took the recordings back to New York & wrapped up the lyrics. Two out of the bunch were finished, the remaining ones have heard whispers of completion, but remain locked in a digital vault for now.


Mama's Boy

Mama's Boy.jpg

The Mouth

And Up

The Good Times 

Of Hearts

Dirt In The Disco On The Dance floor With a Drink In My Hand

We Hide

Sum Without

Singing Again

Mama’s Boy Goes Digital was Josh’s first album as a producer.  It’s was a 2007 release and an attempt to change the sound of Hip Hop. As a 90’s kid, Josh was a student of the hip hop, and it was his entry point into music. By the early 2000s, the hip hop sound was feeling lackluster as the Indie scene was making its way into pop culture. Josh crossed indie electronic and conscious hip hop to create maybe his most creative, and inventive album to date, Mama’s Bog Goes Digital. Josh wrote the music, and the hooks (the singing parts) and brought in Camille Gaston on lyrics, Kerry Beach, The Emprise, and Rachel Platten on vocal performance. 

 Foor Eht



Beach Project

The Beach Project


Back to You

Some Times

In My Eyes

 Predictable Emotions

 Queen of Hearts

The Beach Project was Josh’s second album released as a producer. Inspired by the vocal sound of Kerry Beach, a hometown friend, and talent on his first album. The Beach Project was released in 2009. The sound is indie, electronic pop, with a live acoustic feel. Cello, violin, and live drums make an appearance as Josh experiments with a new production style. The album pulls in emotion, and crescendos at the end of every song with explosions of instrumentation. The music was written and produced by Josh, the lyrics by Josh, and Kerry Beach.

 The Only Girl

 The Ribbon and The Gun

 The Show

 This is a Message

Tell Him



Horse Man Art

Horse Man Art

Scott Macdonough creates the Horse Man video, and Josh Wald scores it. An artistic super 8 video exploring the creative world of his main character, a man in a horse mask, that Scott himself made by hand. A visual representation of the creative process watched through the lens of an East Village New Yorker, supported by a cast of the city's characters at their finest. It’s energy, it's flow, it's New York.

JOSH WALD ALL CREATIVE MEDIA - Made by The Realistic Hippy

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